Exercise & Activity

Whether you’re training for the Iron Man Triathlon, working to up your daily steps, or are somewhere in-between, exercise is a crucial element in maintaining our overall health. While the amount of options in front of us can seem daunting, it is generally recommended by the medical community that a balanced combo of cardio and weight-training is the best course of action when it comes to your daily/weekly routine of exercise.

But before you begin your trek to becoming the next Mr. or Mrs. Olympia, remember that you should never be ashamed to start simple. Any exercise can be fundamentally scaled to your specific skill/experience level to ensure that any workout plan can be done safely and successfully. A few examples of beginner exercises that can be done anywhere with minimal equipment include:

· Belly Breathing which increases oxygen flow to the lower back, hip and abdominal muscles

· Bridging helps improve posture and hip strength

· Sit to Stand which strengthens leg and hip muscles and helps with mobility

If weights and traditional cardio aren’t your thing, you can always try swimming! A recent small study found that seniors that were previously sedentary and added swimming “a few” days a week were able to lower their systolic blood pressure by an average of 9 points, which was deemed significant. Swimming has also been shown to have positive effects for those who are currently dealing with Type 2 diabetes by allowing your body to better manage glucose levels. As if those reasons weren’t already enough to get you in the pool,

improved lung function and a strengthened immune system have also been shown in individuals who aren’t afraid to bust out a few laps at the local YMCA.